(Not) onward ‘ho

I was talking with a friend who’s about to leave for Aspen. I mentioned that I’d spent a weekend there once, and gave him a fun fact or two since this is his first visit. 

He was relieved because he didn’t want to come off as bragging about this nice thing he’s able to do for his family.

If anything, it makes me happy to see someone being able to enjoy themselves after all the hard work. 

What I didn’t say was all my prior jobs sent me cool places. My Flickr account is a reminder that I have had a pretty cool life so far. 

Aspen was made possible by a ski-loving boss who gave up his spot because he wanted me to go bond with one of my editors at a conference. 

The last job sent me to Mexico and Canada and Baltimore in the space of three months. 

Most recently, I butted my way into two local conferences and paid all hotel, gas, tolls and meals out of pocket. You know. So they’d let me go again someday maybe.  

I say it with no feeling other than thanking God that I live in the vacation capital. I can create my own vacation just by jumping in my jalopy. 

Never mind that I hate driving more than just about anything. 😉 Of course, I hate it just less than doing nothing fun at all!

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