Just because

I wrote this in my novel the other night, and I really really liked it for some reason. Not that it’s brilliant prose, but it signifies a real turning point for my protagonist:

Without a word, he grabbed his carry-on bag and his ticket and passed through the security gate. He turned around, blew me a kiss, winked and was on his way. I’d waved and smiled, tight-lipped and dry-eyed.

It was like saying goodbye to an old friend, to a life that had come and gone. The former gravitational pull that had drawn me to him had lost its power.

I decided not to wait for the plane to take off. And I could only hope that Jesse’s window seat faced the terminal so that he’d know I’d left — that he might have been the one who needed to leave, but I was the one who wanted to.

I touched the ring that lay on the chain around my neck and wondered whether someday I’d feel right about having it on my hand again.

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