It’s not that upscale of a neighborhood

My building is pretty quiet, save for the pitter-patter of about five sets of little feet in the apartment across the hall. I was talking to the gal who lives just under that unit, and she said all the running around drives her mad. (As for me, I’ve heard cadavers make more noise than my upstairs neighbor, so I’m pleased with him.)

I was curious and asked how many bedrooms she has, as it’d be the same as the one on my floor. She said it’s a 1BR plus den. Which means there’s a mother, father, four wee ones and an infant living across from me in that iddy biddy space. Seriously, I figured they’d need at least three or four bedrooms with that litter. I know it’s not a cheap place to live, by any standards, but it’s hard to find bigger/less expensive in D.C.

I would think, however, that the cost of birth control would more than offset the cost of a place to comfortably house all those kids. Britney Spears can afford to shit out a kid every year, but she’s also got the moola and the mansion to house them. Although with Britney, it might not hurt to give a social worker their own bedroom to keep an eye on her and Federfuckup!

One Lonely Response to It’s not that upscale of a neighborhood

  1. trouble :

    You know…I have always wondered that, myself, why people choose to have more children than they can afford to care for. I don’t get it, personally. There’s a reason I had my tubes tied after #2.