It’s (not) my party and I’ll bitch if I want to. …

It’s been so long since I logged into WordPress from home that I actually forgot both the URL and my password. Has it been THAT long since I’ve had anything to say, or is it just that time and I are at odds?

I’ve started a million posts in my mind, most of which are about dreaming of fitting someone with an anti-bark collar so I can ZAP them every time they act simple, cop an attitude, laugh at their own jokes, act superior, prance like a drunken gazelle, use baby talk and otherwise aggravate the fuck out of/disrespect people I love.

Well, that was the nicest way I’ve been able to say that!

Anywho, I keep trying to repeat to myself that you can’t change the way things are; however, you can choose the way you react. And I’m going to get carpal tunnel from all of my reactions to things that waste entirely too many minutes of my day and hours of my week, so that’s the first thing on my list to address. Of course, I have nine to-do lists on my desk, so it may be awhile till I get to THAT particular set of tasks!

Yeesh. Hey, it’s my (non-)party this weekend, and I’ll bitch if I want to!

On a way-more pleasant note, I witnessed one of my peeps having a real breakthrough this week, in aspiring to better themselves and really getting excited about a new scheme. I loved it. I felt like I was bearing witness to a life-changing moment for them.

I adore epiphanies, even if they aren’t mine. It was inspiring, in a way that I remember how I used to feel when I was cooking up a project. I don’t do much of that anymore — my big dream is to figure out whose sink I’m going to crap in first. So I guess I have to do it vicariously right now. (The dreaming, not the crapping!)

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m up to something. I have all the details in mind. I just keep losing patches of free time that I specifically freed up for these purposes. But I have to keep reminding myself that, in 10 years, what I’m thinking about will matter and the current poop landmine that my feet seem to be stuck in will have long since faded from memory. I hope, anyway.

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