‘It’s a right I defend, over and over again’

Mom always said things would look better in the morning. I think it’s less that you’ve had some time to live with whatever your situation is and more that, if you’re like me, you can’t think without coffee. And a few moments without thoughts in your head is the greatest peace of all. 😉

All this crap that’s going on in my head, I decided to do something about it. Probably not the “right” thing, but I’m tired of trying to guess just exactly what that happens to be. I just sort of laughed at myself a few minutes ago, realizing that I haven’t acted or felt this much like a teenager since, well, I was a teen. And I eventually realized all that angst was just stupid and useless.

So, too, is all this.

Oh well. It’s my right to go off the deep end once in awhile. Maybe one of these times, I’ll actually learn how to swim to shore a little more quickly!

Today’s plans are so very up in the air. Either my mom is coming to visit, or I am going to go visit a friend out-of-state. In a way, I’m sort of hoping neither one works out, because I would love to either work on the house today or go out and take a class. (It’s 10 a.m. — you’d think I’d have more of a game plan by now.)

I do know I need to figure out something to cook/bake/buy for a par-tay tomorrow. I cannot even tell you whether my stovetop/oven/microwave even work at this point — I’ve never used ’em. 🙂

And because things have gotten ENTIRELY too serious around here lately, let’s move on to more important issues — pop culture!

So is Paris Hilton back in the slammer to stay? I don’t honestly believe that she got such a crappy sentence for driving with a suspended license. Lindsay Lohan can be cracked out in the front seat and she can go check into Hotel Rehab and everything will be forgotten. There are worse people on this earth, doing infinitely worse things, who get off scot-free, and that’s the real travesty.

I admit I don’t feel sorry for the heiress that jail simply didn’t agree with her, but the time to hand the judge a brown paper bag filled with unmarked bills was before she got checked into the prison system, not after. Now, even I want to see her spend 45 days in jail, after she got to escape and go home, however briefly.

Is John Edwards right that her even getting to be sent home was an example of us having “two Americas” (i.e., the rich getting special treatment)? Sure. Why not?

But I thought that with jails being so overcrowded, anyone who can pay their way out of their sentence, well, could. That’s the two Americas of which he speaks. Now, it’s just one big fat fucked-up America, one dedicated seemingly solely to sensationalism, that sponsors today’s message.

Speaking of John, last week in an extensive interview series on CNN about presidential contenders and faith, Soledad O’Brien asked Edwards what the biggest sin he ever committed was. Jeez. I think I’m going to start asking that of people I’m about to hire! 😉 He said something noncommittal about how he’s always conscious of sinning every day, blah blah blah.

I think at least a fun answer to that would have been, “Staring at your cleavage during this whole interview.” Clearly there’s a reason why I will never be able to run for president!

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