It’s a hobby, I guess

On the last day of Mercury retrograde, I remembered an email I deleted last year without opening it.

In a way, I wish I still had it. I could use a good laugh. But I did the right thing.

It started last April with a ridiculous note I received containing bullshit accusations.

I had replied to that one with class and grace. And honesty. People hate that.

I didn’t deserve to receive that first note, and they didn’t deserve my response. But I hoped that would end this bullshit saga.

Narrator: There would be no end to the bullshit.

Anyway I don’t know why but I remembered getting ANOTHER bullshit email before that. All caps, misspelled — totally out of character for the (assumed) sender.

But not for the actual sender, if I’m right. “THAT IS A VERY BAD IDEA. VERY BAD.”

I don’t know where people get off scolding me. They should probably re-examine their life at some point.

It dawns on me that I’ve now received three emails signed by someone who didn’t write them.

In any event, I got to thinking that I would have enjoyed proofreading the note. But I also know that these folx would probably revel in me possibly feeling ways about things.

The only thing I feel is grateful. And maybe a little sad now that the email-hijacker is Tweet-bragging that they stole the other person’s Facebook account, too.

I don’t get it. I blocked at least 17 accounts of theirs. Why keep going around them to see what I’m up to? You need social media fodder that badly? Are you proud of your ability to pick a fight with Pinterest?

Narrator: …

Anyway, farewell Mercury Rx and the random looking back that it brings.

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