I’m too busy to be this bored

I was just fussing with my AIM settings, because I only have eleventy billion projects due before midnight and really, why the hell not?

And I learned that you can name people anything you want to. Which, heh. *rubs hands evilly* Just ’cause someone’s on your buddy list doesn’t mean that they’d ever *be* your BFF — I think we all have people we have our own lil nicknames for, and the temptation is just too great to assign them what you *really* call them. 😉

That’s all we’d need, for an autoresponder to come up, “Sorry, (Oxygen Thief), but Goddess doesn’t want to talk to you — EVER”! *bonk*

I was also particularly interested in the “Alert Me When” feature. I do this in iChat but I didn’t realize AIM had added it. But I looked for “alert me when X buddy like, dies or something,” but it wasn’t an option. Bah. Maybe in the next version!

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