Ignorance really is alive and well

So my mom broke up with her idiot, backwoods-redneck, racist asshole of a boyfriend. Which, he didn’t show these things upfront, but when he did, hoo boy. Ass, meet foot.

This weekend, we all went out to dinner — a goodbye thing, I guess. I don’t know. Fuckhead ordered the most-expensive thing on the menu, and when the bill came, he THREW it at my mom. Like she has any money. (She doesn’t.)

I was infuriated and paid the bill my damn self because he couldn’t be a man about it. I hope it gave him diarrhea.

But as further proof that he needs to just die already, he was hugging me goodbye. (I hate when people I abhor touch me. I love hugs as much as the next girl, but not from people I want to stab to death.) And his parting words to me?

Some bullshit that if he had a daughter, he would have wanted her to turn out exactly like me. (His two sons don’t talk to him. And in a second, you’ll see why.)

And he capped it off with this 1950s-reminiscent bullshit:

“Don’t date any black guys, OK?”

I was stunned for a minute. Like, did I HEAR that right? He’s met me all of four times and hasn’t met a soul I’ve ever dated, and THAT’S his lasting legacy to me?

The hell?

Although I wanted to say, “Hope Mom doesn’t date any more DOUCHEBAGS like you,” I refrained.

But in response to his comment, I did say, “Too late.”


That made him cringe. 🙂 Mission accomplished!

The fucker’s in AA. I would never jeopardize my karma, but I wouldn’t be hurt at ALL if he starts drinking again. It’s kind of like with the other person I hate most in the world — nothing wrong with asking God to “give that jagoff exactly what he deserves.”

And here’s to hoping she meets someone MUCH more worthy of her time and affections. Amen to her figuring it out sooner rather than later.

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