I see dumb people

I did entirely too much bitching today, although if you were in my shoes (black patent thong-style high heels), you would have understood.

However, I did a lot of laughing, too. At one point, I was ranting so much I thought I was going to throw up. My friend offered, rather helpfully, “I’d hold back your hair for you.” And I think he meant it. 🙂 I declared that was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to me. *sniffle*

On one of my online “away” messages, I had posited whether stupidity were contagious. My friend B. (happy belated birthday!) poked me on that one, as he mused:

B: It is, you know.
Me: I was afraid of that.
B: It’s pneumonic.
Me: And incurable.
B: Sometimes curable, though the treatment is often painful.
Me: Yeah, that reading books thing can be a killer for some people.
B: Baseball bats work for others.

I need to envision myself surrounded by smart, magnificent, useful and uber-fabulous people (like the two I mentioned today). Perhaps they will somehow multiply and I will be drowning in others’ awesomeness. Lord knows I could use a little bit of faith-restoration in the human race right about now. …

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