I ruined Lent for this?

Updated to include music!

The new Girl Scout cookies suck (the Cafe cookies). I think they aim to be snickerdoodles that nobody can chew. However, there’s something satisfying in gnawing ona whole box of some cookies as a stress-reliever. Although I am highly tempted to bake some of my own to erase my memory of these evil bastard wonders.

In other news, my publisher caught me sobbing today. But a vice president caught me rocking out (with headphones on, thankfully, lest I have to explain the two-decade-long Bon Jovi fetish). Yeah, I think it’s time for a weekend. …

At least they didn’t hear me singing Winger’s “Without the Night.” Well, I HOPE I wasn’t belting it out, anyway!!!

OK, who wants Friday tunage? (Warning: Depressing as all hell. But appropriate for me today, anyway.)

One Lonely Response to I ruined Lent for this?

  1. The Maximum Leader :

    Damn. We bought a box of those and I was looking forward to trying them.