I left my sense of humor around here somewhere …

Trying to figure out when I’m going to get my Christmas errands done when I don’t even have time to leave for lunch or exit anywhere close to on time.

Fuck, I bring Xmas cards with me every day. Yesterday I didn’t even eat at all. And not one personal errand got done till I shoved (way too much) food in around 8.

(Cards still unaddressed/unwritten beside me …)

Then you get those weird questions about what you/your folks do all day. (Dance circles around the ones no one is asking about for $100, Alex.)

Also, one of those errands? I need a fucking tree since mine FELL ON ME while I was sleeping in front of it the other night.

Returned that shit. Just haven’t figured out a Plan B.

And at this rate, I probably won’t.

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