German scream, deux (er, zwei)

I fell asleep way past midnight, thinking of my recently deceased friend and wishing I could ask her a question about a known liar’s conversation with a big pussy.

If she were still here on earth, she’d give me a good opinion. I can only imagine what she’s seeing now.

Fell asleep and dreamed that I walked into a restaurant. Saw my grandparents and my mom and my Uncle Ed at a table. Was walking over to them when …





Then the new neighbor upstairs started stomping around, just like I did the other night to inspire the women downstairs to cut the freaking TV volume.

Anyway, left for work super-early and super-pissed at the universe.

Then …

Went to my favorite Starbucks that I rarely visit because it’s by the old office and we have another, lesser location in our backyard.

(I had to go there to pee twice yesterday, so I can’t talk smack about them. The baristas gave me their code to use their restroom. Traffic jams at my place.)

In any event …

My favorite barista was stocking shelves. She took a quick look at me and said …

“You better stop that. A gust of wind is going to blow you away pretty soon!”


Yeah, that made my day.

A colleague from up at HQ said something similar yesterday too.

That melts everything else away.

Also, yeah. I look a little different than what they may remember …

Thanksgiving in Key West 2010 and 2016

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