I has a sad

My uncle died. 

Mom was extremely close to him. When my grandfather died, he was the only member of the Manson Family to connect with her. She loved him as much as her own dad. 

And now he’s gone. 

I can’t say much other than that his daughter is a drunk, chain-smoking Cunt who didn’t deserve him. Here’s my mom who loved him like none other, while Elaine didn’t take him to his heart doc appointments and told him to burn in hell as recently as last week. 

No wonder her husband left her. Awful person I can’t stand to call my cousin. 

Mom wanted Uncle Tom to come down here and live with us. He was retired and ok financially and really didn’t need much beyond some companionship. 

I was happy to pursue the idea. I mean, mom loved to take care of her daddy. He needed a good daughter. One who didn’t abuse him verbally and let him starve to death. 

This was my grandfather’s youngest brother. Only Aunt Marion is left. Well, Uncle Ronnie. But that prick can keep his distance. 

Uncle Tom actually quit taking to Ron because everyone in the family was putting my mom down and Tom was sick of it. Ron was the worst of the bunch. The Jesus Freak who gossips about everyone. Go figure. 

I’d like to go back to Pittsburgh for the memorial service, if there is one. Mom couldn’t go if she wanted to, and these fools made my grandfather’s funeral 1,000 times more stressful. Not Tom, but Ron and all the cousins. So it would be in my best interest to stay away or stay silent. 

I just had my first week off ever. But this was the week I was supposed to be off. I guess I could work through the trip. Just wish I had a couch to crash on and Wi-Fi to steal. And that I could punch Elaine in her perennially poodle-permed face. 

Mostly, I wish I could prevent the downward spiral this is going to throw mom into. You know. Beyond the one she’s been in for the past 10 years that Grampy’s been gone. 

It’s also her birthday. So her beloved uncle passed on her day. 

The family vultures are already spreading the news and talking about Elaine in the same nasty way they talked about mom. But they don’t know the half of it with cousin dearest. And I ain’t saying a word. 

I’m just glad mom and her uncle got to talk on his birthday last week. And I’ll try not to cry as we return the items we bought today that we were going to send him in a care package. 

I don’t know, Universe. You’ve brought an awful lot of loss lately. I know to be thankful for all my blessings. (And I am.) But I has a sad right now, and I hope you can assure me somehow that my loved ones are in a better place. 

Give my love to the Manson Family siblings. Calvin, Clair, Red, Lenna, Russ and now Tom, together again. Rock out, friends. And know that we love and miss you all. (Even you, Russ. But mostly everyone else.)

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