A finite number of fucks

Anthony — the boyfriend of Melissa the duck-kicking bitch, and brother of Fat Blonde Bitch who sics her dogs on the ducks here — got interviewed by CBS yesterday here. 

His unleashed beast, which Melissa stalked me with, got swamp cancer from our lake. 

They don’t understand karma, clearly. 

And funny he had a leash in his hand the whole time during the interview. Fuckers have two leashes and six dogs. 

And I’m so sick of hearing them bark at all fucking hours. The beasts and their dogs. 


I feel bad that the dog lost his leg. And that he has to live with those assholes. But I have no sympathy for them. 

Leash your beasts and obey the numerous “no swimming” signs

It’s not hard. Really. 

Wish they would all move and get the fuck out of our lives. I’d be 100% happier here without them. 

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