‘I enjoy being a girl’

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It was a hockey night in D.C. but even though I was a block away from Verizon Center, I had better plans. Girlier plans. (Don’t get me wrong, I DO love me a good Caps game, but tonight? Girls ruled.)

Tiff got hooked up with Nintendo via Brand Enthusiasts and got all of her girl-geek friends hooked up with a schweet “thank-you for playing” gift (the Nintendo DS Lite, Brain Age and a charm bracelet, and four charms that we “earned” by playing four different types of games).

Oh, I’m a shameless marketing hussy. Let’s give Nintendo some lovin’ for inviting us to “A Girlfriends Guide to Gaming.”

I was afraid that we’d end up with pink DS Lites, but I had my choice of pink or black and of course you know what I would pick.

As if my carry-on suitcase isn’t packed enough with a laptop, iPhone, digital camera and other toys, now I’ll be toting my pretty little Nintendo everywhere, too. Although that gold charm bracelet will definitely stay put after tonight. 😉

The four charms are a light bulb, a high heel, a black-and-white checkerboard heart and a dog dish with a bone in it. Don’t ask — it makes perfect sense if you go to one of these soirees.

The gathering was at the Numark Gallery in Chinatown, and it was quite a unique, modern and yet cozy locale for this swank little event. A very clever little space — perfect for an evening of ladies being treated to wine, appetizers and technology that’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. 😉

Tons of people came out for this event, and Tiff admitted to “knowing” everyone but not having met several attendees anywhere offline before tonight.

But as for me? It was a big fat episode of “This is Your Life,” as I saw friends with whom I haven’t crossed paths in anywhere from three months to three years. I’m still blown away by how nice it is to pick up a conversation that was put down a long time ago, just like only a few days had passed.

What also knocks off my froggy socks is how many people read my blog … because they care and want to keep up with me. And I even heard a story that someone was INSPIRED by something I wrote, to emanate some creativity of her own! Seriously, what an honor! Am humbled. *blush* 😉

All right, it’s past midnight and I have to be in the office in entirely too few hours from now. (Read: earlier than usual.) But one last commentary: I left my car at a Metro stop and rode in, so I wouldn’t have to fuss with Chinatown parking on a game night.

And these two very-flamboyant boys got on with two very pretty, classy girls. And those boys (nope, not calling ’em “men”) were just so disgustingly rude and degrading to them. Just, the snotty, bitchy things they said … well, I’ve heard before.

Other than being annoyed, I was SO glad that the particular phase those girls are in, well, is OVAH for me. Thank the LORD above. That these two queeny little insecure boys felt the need to insult these two pretty girls? Not surprising, but not acceptable.

And it dawned on me that it’s a cycle — insecure little boys try desperately to put these girls down and they will STAY for the abuse until they wise up. But then they will go on to do great things and surround themselves with great people, and they, too, will be thrilled they outgrew that particular phase.

I wish them the strength to break away … they will be completely different people in 10 years.

Anyway, I digress. But yeah, tonight’s gifts for me were far greater than the tangible ones I hid in my purse from the throngs of game-goers on the Metro. Am so grateful for where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and those who are here with me on the journey now.

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