I don’t need to calm down. People need to wise up

I was unsuccessfully trying to park my car and leave someone a voice mail message. The cord from my headphones/earpiece thingy got wrapped around the steering wheel as I pulled into a spot I had decided to pass up till I saw there weren’t any other ones. Many, many variations on “fuck” went a-flyin’ out of my mouth as my head was two inches from the wheel, as the earbuds for some reason stayed put as my noose tighened. Woo.

What set me off today? Oh let me see. I got a new HVAC system yesterday. I left at 10 a.m. with a promise from the guys that they would lock up for me. And did they? Well guess who came home at 9 p.m. to an unlocked door? Take a wild guess. *taps foot* Morons.

They left all of our HVAC units in a pile outside of the building overnight, too. Today as I was leaving, the same smiling idiots asked me if I enjoyed having a cool house to come home to. Oh, yeah, that’s another thing. In addition to being glad to come home to my shit still intact, I have to report that they left my thermostat on 60 degrees.

Which, yeah it was great to come home to, but for fuck’s sake, it ran for 11 hours at that temperature with nobody to enjoy it? Not to mention, I keep it at 72 to 78 degrees as I just got the fucking water/heat bill and just about drove off the road when I opened it in the car. (Yeah, I read my mail while I drive. And I’m still more adept than everyone in Northwest D.C. and Montgomery County, Md., combined!)

Oh, but the rollicking good times? Just getting started.

My student loan’s supposed to be out of default. As of yesterday. I had paperwork that needed to be signed before then, but they kept sending it to my Virginia address. (Which I’ve not forwarded as if I wanted to dole out my new whereabouts, I will. Upon request.) I called them to tell them not to ding my old SunTrust bank account and oh by the way, here’s the new home addy and will you FedEx my time-sensitive forms to work?

Simple, right?

Well, they called yesterday to ask why they’ve now FedExed me twice and I haven’t sent the forms back. (Because I get charged daily interest while I’m still in default, which is higher than non-default rates.) I asked where they sent them. Both to Virginia. I asked at what part of last week’s conversation (when I called THEM!) they fell asleep at the wheel.

I’m also terrified that if the fucked THAT up, then they’re going to hit the bank account with thirty bucks in it for the payment. Which, I tried to go close the account today, but there was a line and I had to leave because I’d gotten out of the house later than planned and I have urgent shit waiting for me. Which I am ignoring to type this blog entry. 😉

One Lonely Response to I don’t need to calm down. People need to wise up

  1. Sabre :

    Hrmmm… maybe you should start smoking again 😉

    Seriously, this sounds like me yesterday, and this morning, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be pissy later because of some stupid asshole somewhere! There should be a law against lazy, incompetent assholes. Or, we could just vote them into office. Oh, wait… *cough*