I, Asshole

So this kid IMs me all the time for non-urgent stuff. And he fucking laughs at all his jokes and GOD I HATE THAT.

But he’s always asking me for shit. Like, kid, some of us are running the company. Chill the fuck out. I told you I will get to you now GO PLAY.

So he IMs to say oh hey send me something you mentioned on one of the morning conference calls. I ignore it because AM BUSY. And of course I IM his supervisor to say put your kid on a leash. And proceed to chat for 15 minutes. lol.

Asshole, am I?

I can’t hide since there are afternoon calls too. Like, can’t it fucking WAIT? And if you’d listened closely, I said it wasn’t ready anyway.

No hiding here. From anything. Least of all my own Feelings About Things.

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