‘I am lost, so I am cruel, but I’d be love and sweetness if I had you’

Mix a fabulous old friend, a ridiculously awesome restaurant and six hours of conversation, and you get a happy Goddess.

What I love about Girls’ Night Out for us is that we just keep talking. And talking. And talking some more — long after the restaurant closes and we get thrown out onto the street for the next couple of hours. 😉

We have a somber day ahead of us with our friend’s memorial service, so we very much appreciated the time to pontificate and celebrate the moments that we are lucky (or, not-so-lucky, with some of them) to have. I’m pretty sure the staff at Jaleo would have been offended by our peals of laughter had the restaurant been anywhere close to full. Oh well!

When I was younger, we had the “quote wall.” Anytime one of us would say something stupid, funny or just plain ponderous, we would take a neon Post-It Note, write it down and slap it to the wall. Tiff and I could probably have built our own mini quote wall by the end of the night.

Of course, to sum it all up in one word: “Milk.”


On a more-serious note, text me if you knew Leanne and need the details of today’s service/celebration, or if you want to make a donation in her memory. Her passing has manifested itself in a variety of ways among the friends (mostly in the form of impatience for time-wasting b.s.), but today it unites us.

So, let’s all hug a person or a pet today and remember that life’s too short to spend it on the wrong things and people. No more excuses, world — it’s time to start feeling alive instead of just barely living.

One Lonely Response to ‘I am lost, so I am cruel, but I’d be love and sweetness if I had you’

  1. Lachlan :


    I’m sure this is a rough time, even amongst the joy. It reminds me of 2005, quite vividly.

    Leanne must have had a lot of wonderful friends. I hope she’s in peace wherever she may be.