I am Goddess, hear me roar. Rawr.

I was just musing about the lost art of asking people how you can help them before you go home for the night. Instead of frolicking out. Frolicking, I tell you.

Even today I asked my boss if there was anything I wasn’t thinking of that I could do. Me. With plenty to do. Because I will do anything to learn something new or do something extraordinary. Even if it’s on my own time.

It’s a shame, really, that it’s been years since I’ve met another me.

When I stayed second-to-last and now last, I was learning so much. Even when I wasn’t doing the hands-on work, I remember sitting with my boss and just absorbing so much about the job, the field and even about life from him. We had some good talks.

I probably made him stay even-later than he needed to. But I hope he know he became such a part of me. I never wanted to disappoint him. I was always so thrilled when I did him proud.

It just kills me that not everybody is like that. Granted, I wouldn’t trust anybody with the big important stuff. But I might trust them a lot more with the slightly less important stuff so I could do the big stuff better.

I wonder if that’s how my boss was. Maybe I just wore him down till he trusted me.

But at age 30 I was a peon and by age 30.5 I was running my own franchise and at 31 I was overseeing my own department, website and staff.

So, that’s why I’m the Goddess. And no one else stands a chance of coming close.

Kids today, I tell ya.

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