Hour 41 of my captivity

That newsletter I put together at 9:30 last night? I left the fucking split numbers in the subject line in the live version. Because like everything, it’s manual to add and it’s manual to remove. Usually I forget to add them so lucky me that I remembered this time. *smh*

Today I have people tapping their foot waiting on something that’s out of my control. Because in the 33 hours I worked as of Tuesday night, I guess I just didn’t have time to fit it in. And now there’s a bug that is preventing me from giving the all-clear to those who are waiting.

At least I got my ass out of bed today and took a walk. I’ve let my health go to shit with the recent tsunami of doom that has become my schedule. Mom is horrified by just how many Advil I’ve started to consume in a day to deal with the physical pain of stress. Today I’m actually calm and in a halfway decent mood. Perhaps I will live through this awful phase after all. …

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