Hello retrograding Mercury, you sick son of a bitch

Yesterday was not a bad day. Today, however, will be because I was so exhausted/frustrated I didn’t have any energy for my other jobs.

Yeah, my new project? Is going to be the death of me. My half-time “job” — which kept me busy about a quarter of the time, at best — is going to be a near-full-time excursion.

Can haz razor blades?

I gave up around 4 p.m. yesterday — had to get the car out of the shop anyway. And stayed far from the computer afterward.

Oh, the car. It actually sounded really bad as the mechanic was running it. I didn’t want to part with the beaucoup bucks I was quoted over the phone. But he did well and explained why it still sounds like a rattling deathtrap. And I have to say, driving it was almost like having a brand-new car. The violent shaking is gone. Whee!

He had told me he was terrified, driving my car on the road test. I would have called him a pussy had I not seen the crucifix hanging over the door. 😉 But he was impressed that it still has all its original parts … and even that some of them still work!

Anyway, yesterday was not a total fail, but I had a migraine from hell and pretty much retreated to my “couch-and-iPad” happy place for the duration.

Today I hope to have time for my side project that makes me happy, since that was where Tuesdays USED to go. But I did get a message about the new project that it would also consume my day today. I almost cried.

It’s funny — over the years I’ve had every combination of either liking the people, liking the work, both or neither. This time, I dig the people but the work is not what dreams are made of. Too bad for all those jobs where the people were assholes when I liked what I was doing. Maybe I would have done it better had I been treated with a modicum of respect. Of course, what can you expect from a workplace? Not much. Not much at all…

Oh well. If I go ballistic and quit and have to end up living in my car, at least I know it will safely get me to the Keys…

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