Happy V.D., 2008 edition

I was just about to post on how nice it would be if people on social networking sites would think before they type, but if I’m going to waste my wishes on things that will never come true, I have way better fantasies to entertain.

Anywhoo, today’s Gemini whore-o-scope, courtesy of Astrocenter:

“With today’s planetary configuration, you will be asked to take a risk and let your intellect take a back seat to your emotions. You might be surprised by what you discover.”

Anyway, the whore-o-scope made me think of a line from “Practical Magic” — where Jilly says, “What wouldn’t I do … for the right guy?”


Putting my wants/needs/emotions first isn’t my style, but they sure do influence my output. I mean, I was torturing myself the past couple of days, unnecessarily, and holy sourpuss, Batman. Can we say missed opportunities, boys and girls? I’ll bet we can!

(I also miss the days when it was difficult to stalk people. Now all you have to do is load Twitter or Facebook or something. Pfft.)

I can see why people turn to God or religion or whatever on days like I’ve been having. When all you want/need is a shred of *something* to keep plugging along, sometimes that’s all there is.

It’s been hard to stay upbeat lately. But I’m going to give it a go today and if it doesn’t kill me, I might try it again tomorrow.

So, happy V.D. to all. Valentine’s Day (or Vibrator Day — otherwise known as a day that ends in “y”) and all that jazz.

And a reminder to those of us celebrating the latter, there may be a lid for every pot, but many of those matching sets are empty, scratched, cracked and otherwise not attractive or useful. So be careful about what you might be envious of!

2 Responses to Happy V.D., 2008 edition

  1. Pisco Sours :

    Big love to you, Dawn. I’m in a similarly crappy place relationship wise, but eh. These past few weeks I’m making it all about me, me, and me.

    People are starting to notice. That’s all I’ll say right now.


  2. miniskirtman :

    I’ll tell ya how this day would get attention as St. Vibrator’s Day … if we actually used them in public — shock the hell out of the world and grab some headlines.