‘Always on the outside, looking in on other’s lives’

“I close my eyes and wish you fine
(I’m always closing my eyes
And wishing I’m fine)
Even though I know you’re not this time
(Even though I’m not this time).”

— Indigo Girls, “Love Will Come to You

Well, my work peeps were my valentines. We had a nice catered lunch and everyone got a heart full of candy.

I, of course, left my little heart on my hot little laptop during a meeting, and it resulted in one big gooey melted fiesta of fillings. It seemed an appropriate metaphor for the holiday.

And today, our heroine returns to being as fine as she can be.

Next year will be better. And, all told, this one wasn’t too bad, either. But it would be nice to not feel like the day has to be salvaged somehow.

I guess we’re all wondering whether we’ll turn out OK. It’s hard to believe in it if there’s seemingly no hope in sight. But maybe we just have to look harder sometimes. Or, as the song says:

“… Learn to pretend there’s more than love that matters.”

One Lonely Response to ‘Always on the outside, looking in on other’s lives’

  1. Tiff :

    I firmly believe in taking your valentines where you find them. If your work peeps are it, then hooray for having such wonderful work peeps.

    I also have the beginnings of a joke about your melted chocolate in my head (the phrase “licking the box” is involved), but I’ll continue to let it percolate a bit. 😉