Happy happy

I went to Bux because it’s double points day for gold members. 

This is the store where everyone knows me. And seems happy to see me. 

The one gal looked at me and said’ “OK, tell me, how much weight did you lose?”

Love that place. 🙂

I said 72-ish total but just 30 this year. Just walking. No gym. She was so nice and supportive and happy for me. 

Again, love that place. 

And then waiting to cross the street to get back to the office, I saw an old colleague out wandering. He looked at me and I waved. 

But he did not know me. Just double-took and blinked and thought about it. Then kept walking. 

Hmm. I don’t think I look that different. But I ain’t mad at that. At all. 

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