What I said the other day? About needing a massage, makeover and orgasm, in whatever order? Did I mention I’m willing to pay for ALL of them, if necessary?

And it’s sooooooo necessary. …

Dear Goddess,

I don’t know why you’re torturing me right now. Please lift the drama from my life. Or else send the sharpest knife you can find so I can slit my dainty little wrists appropriately.

And that two- to three-date curse? Yeah. I’m pretty sick of that shit, too. It’s not their fault they suck; but maybe it’s my fault that I realize it too early on. Give me some damn oblivion, will ya?

Anything you can do, y’know. We deity-types need to stick together.


2 Responses to Halp

  1. Connie :

    Oh Goddess Dawn…
    I’ve missed you girlfriend! I had to leave cyberspace for a while, but I am back now with a new laptop courtesy of the most wonderful woman in the world, who just so happens to love me!
    Anyhoo…I’ll be back by soon!

  2. Pisco Sours :

    Oh, good, I’m not the only one with the 2-date curse. (I can’t remember the last time there was a 3rd date, much less… never mind, I’m at work now.) Anyway, I am so understanding you. *sigh*