Better with age

I am sitting in a Panera in Pittsburgh, and this guy was checking me out for awhile. Which, good lord, I haven’t slept in a week and had a terrible night at a crappy hotel in Monroeville last night to boot. But he came up and asked whether I attended Point Park College — which, oh lucky me, I did. And even though we never really ran in the same circles (he was a radio-station geek; I was a newspaper geek), I remembered his name and he was thrilled.

We caught up for a minute — he got SO much better-looking with age. I thought he was dorky-young-cute in school but he really is kind of actually hot now. (Tim something-or-other, for the handful of you who remember the glorious era called the early ’90s.) He told me about Ant and Lumpy and Amy B., and I was just wowed at the number of them who have kids now. KIDS!

He has a beautiful little girl named Morgan and he was saying that Amy B. just had her second kid. My god. When did we get this old? And how did all these people go on to find mature relationships and actually decide it was time to multiply?

I still get cool points for living in D.C., working in metro D.C. and carrying an iPhone. I guess here I am, wishing I could slit my wrists because my personal life is a FEMA-level disaster area (and, similarly, FEMA ain’t doing shit to help. Shocker), but I can come back to the motherland and feel good about myself again.

While I know I made Tim’s day by knowing exactly who he was, he made my day for reminding me exactly who I have become … which may not feel like much to me, but to others? I am the Goddess I should know I am. But every girl needs a reminder now and then. 😉

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  2. Extraordinary Girl :

    Damned straight we need reminders now and then!

    I’m glad that after your cacophany of bullshit weekend, you had a relaxing and positive stroll down memory lane with an old classmate.

  3. Extraordinary Girl :

    Rrr, I HATE when I use a $.50 word I really DO KNOW, but spell it wrong.

    Cacophony. UGH.

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    […] Oddly, while I was at the bar (Fathead’s), I ran into someone else from college. (See here for the previous day’s encounter.) We didn’t talk — I didn’t really have the balls to go talk to him, even though we were really close in school. (He was the one we called ‘Fro Bro, again for those who remember. Holy memory lane, people.) […]