So, I miss D.C. so bad I can’t stand it. And that makes a day like today, with the terrible shooting at Navy Yard, break my heart for the city where I left that heart behind.

I’ve been going back and forth about some stuff at work that has gotten me upset. I try to stay quiet and keep the peace, remembering that Things Could Be Worse. After all, at least a disgruntled ex-employee didn’t return to shoot up the place. At least we’re not on furlough. Insert every “at least” you can after today’s tragic events.

But I don’t want to die sad and hurt, either. I just keep thinking that if I stay in peace, remain quiet and pray to God to take care of me, He will. But I also know that staying quiet and pretending certain things don’t absolutely ruin me, well, ends up being what ruins me.

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