Gonna be some changes made

Oh, Caterwauling, how I’ve missed you. *tight hug*

So, I turned into one of those “dumb girls” for a while. But then after what really did turn out to be a finite number of tears, I became OK.

But somebunny out there keeps running the damn equine cemetery and beating the horse till it’s a pile of dust. To the point of, HEY I GET IT — MY GOD, WHO ARE YOU THESE DAYS?

I’ll explain it a lot more someday. Maybe someday soon. Or not at all. Confusion turned to sadness and then everything inside me went numb a few weeks ago.

At some point, I became OK. But I don’t think people want to ACCEPT that they can be gotten over. And so, today I am ALL out of fucks to give.

The worst thing I can say about anyone is that they are just like everyone else. And while I won’t type it because that’s the last part I have a hard time wrapping my head around, well … yeah.

In the meantime, let’s get some tunage up in this bizzitch, shall we?

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