Gobble this

I’m grateful Starwood made it difficult to spend more money. I hate this shit festival of a hotel. No outlets, no towels, and a sink that’s outside the bathroom. I went out last night to buy a power strip!

Add in the fact that any temperature you set the wall unit to that’s above 70 will blow hot air. Froze my fanny off last night. This room wasn’t made for Floridians! 

The lovely thing about vacation is limited cell phone battery and therefore use. But I did peek in on Facebook. And saw one of the guys posting passive-aggressive shit that would feel aimed at me if I were inclined to be paranoid. Or concerned. 

On a day when everyone’s fake-grateful (and maybe one or two actually are blessed and know it), stay silent like I did rather than sharing that shit. 

Or just post photos. That works too.  Just not the million photos he told me that he took of me when I wasn’t aware that he refuses to delete …


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