Last full day away from the poop pile that is my life

I don’t know what maid in her right mind sees the “going green” sign on the door — i.e., no service till after I leave, thanks. Because, attack cat inside — and she comes in to put a pleat in the toilet paper and leave me one fresh wash cloth and a $5 gift certificate. 

If you’re going to invade, at least leave a girl some new coffee pods. Sheesh

Anyway, it’s my last day and while we have already achieved our bucket list, I have no idea what lies ahead. I have a list but something tells me it will involve more of the same that we’ve done. And that’s ok by me. 

Fort Myers Beach   

Now entering Sanibel  

Beach hair

 A pint of Holiday Cheer (peach, pecan and caramel)

 The Fort Myers beach clock, conveniently next to the parking lot where I’ve spent a small fortune 

Mom made me a shell rose at Bowmans Beach

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