Getting warmer, and not just the weather

Happy 6th anniversary to this blog, give or take. I can’t remember the exact date I started it. But it’s been a wild half-plus decade — this space has kept me from killing those who might have deserved it and yet made me want to suffocate some others in their sleep.

I notice that, as my friends get busier, they blog less. And I always thought, nah, I’ll find something to write about every day. And I try to. Even if it’s insignificant, it means something to me when I commit it to WordPress.

I realize that, the busier I am, the more I want to blog but the less able I am to do it. Like, I cannot manage to put together a succinct list of what’s happening here in the Potomac promenade that is Washington, D.C., but I assure you, I could write 50 blog entries on the past three days alone.

One thing I can say is that it’s the first year in about three that I haven’t moved. But I may still — I’m getting screwed on a rent increase anyway, and because these bastards will not give me my lease (but will leave notes and voicemails daily to come in and sign the fucking thing), I am in jeopardy of going month-to-month at an even-higher rate.

I did stop in the office today to ask for the damn lease already. (I had a laundry list of complaints for them to address — no time like when I’m committing to give them $18,000 over the next 12 months.)

Good God, that was my annual salary right before I started this blog. Now it’s my annual rent. Shit. Just goes to show that you can make more money, but your expenses increase incrementally so you’re never really as well-off as you think you SHOULD be.

Anyway, back to this place. The management-office monkey said he wasn’t ALLOWED to print out my lease … that only the manager could give it to me but she wasn’t going to be in for another two hours.


I said fine, you can have her slide it under my door. She left me a message today, but screw her — maybe it’s a sign to just take the monthly deal so I can hightail it on a whim if need be. And trust me, I expect this whim shall hit sooner rather than later. Besides, I rather enjoy being a moving target — it means I can’t be too much of a pack rat, if nothing else.

Boy, I wasn’t kidding when I said I blog about the insignificant! But it’s mine, all mine.

I’ve been having a bizarre load of deja vu today. There are always certain occurrences that prompt it, like the universe is telling me I’m “getting warmer” to where I’m supposed to be. It’s amazing to be feeling and not (just) thinking. I could get used to this.

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