Fun at the ‘Sun’

Thriving Ivory at Sunfest

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I should be working on my little newsletter, but I am absolutely exhausted and my mind is boggling from learning stuff I never knew from about 15 years ago so, hey, let’s blog!

I wasn’t going to go to Sunfest today. I mean, yesterday was the day I had designated to go. And today was the final day of the four-day extravaganza. I had better things to do today, yes?

Well, I went to church. (Always a better thing to do.) Had lunch. And figured I’d just drive up the A1A and see what parking might be like, since genius here parked six miles away yesterday. And lo and behold, hand a guy $20 and voila! Parking across from the entrance FTW! (In addition to $31 at the gate. Sweet Jeebus.)

I got to see Thriving Ivory, G. Love and Special Sauce, and Candlebox while I was there. Fireworks start tonight at 9 p.m. but alas, newsletter duty called. Besides, trying to get out of West Palm Beach after fireworks and having to sit on I-95 South to Miami with eleventy million others? No fucking thank you.

I had a great time there. It was nicely situated along the Intracoastal, so even though it was hotter than BALLS in South Florida today, the breeze kept it temperate.

There were all kinds of crafts and food booths there, although that crap really doesn’t interest me. I did chortle at the sign at a chicken place, advertising “Jerk in a Cup” for $6. I got a shot of it on my Nikon, although hell if I can find the battery charger and the USB cord to upload this photo goodness. That settles it — when a cord goes MIA, I just buy a new camera/printer/computer.

Why yes, I AM a girl, in case THAT isn’t readily apparent from reading this page!

I am so glad I didn’t stay at Sunfest last night; I think I walked five miles inside of it today. What I fail to understand is that the scale says I’m up two pounds right now; after hiking no fewer than 15 miles in the last two days (including beach time), like HELL that’s true or even acceptable!

I did have a bit of a giggle at Sunfest today when I noticed a number of men looking at me. Don’t get me wrong — I’m aware that I’ve shed a small person’s worth of weight from my frame, even if I don’t really “get it” in my head that I wasn’t beautiful the whole way down.

But I was sort of amazed at the male attention when I realized that I was probably one of the few chicks with real boobs in the county. And I’m sure I’ll become one of those who does become a frequent-flier at the plastic surgeon. In the meantime, though, I was glad I didn’t throw away my “last year’s tube top becomes this year’s sun dress” — it worked very well for me today!

All right, that’s all, folks. Must go do brilliant things or, at least, make them pretty enough to be published at the crack o’ me in the a.m. …

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  2. Lachlan :

    Don’t make me find you another cord and mail it to your ass. 🙂

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