Friday fill-in

OK, so it’s Saturday. Meh. Wevs.

Lovingly hijacked from the beautiful Lachlan.

1. You know you’re old when you REALLY notice the difference between your generation and the next one, especially when you unthinkingly start your sentences with “When I was in my 20s …”

2. My heart is divided between really, truly acting on an epiphany I had earlier this week and keeping what’s left of my heart intact because I apparently reached that epiphany ALONE and don’t think I can handle having that fact verified even more so than it already was just 48 hours later.

3. A vacation sounds pretty damn good. White sand, blue water … just don’t make me come back, mmkay? ‘Cause there ain’t a lot to come back to right now.

4. I have felt the warmth of being thisclose to something worth having; I have known the depths of despair at ONLY getting thisclose to what I thought the world was finally ready to let me have.

5. Gah, won’t these people appreciate the fabulousness before their very eyes and not give me all this space to find out that I can (no doubt) do better? Or, for some others, to get the fuck out of my space so I can miss them once in a while.

6. Start truly taking care yourself — mind, body and soul — as soon as you can! Ain’t nobody else gonna. Trust me.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight is none of anyone’s business 😉 — tomorrow my plans include maybe an oil change, maybe doing something artsy or maybe just staying in bed all day and Sunday, church I suppose and then who only knows what. I’m sure a whole lot of thinking, running away from reality and maybe some writing will factor in somewhere.

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