Throughout my career, I’ve always managed men. Like, powerful and brilliant and successful and multimillionaire men. Because, I rock like that.

My newest batch is proving to be my most difficult yet. But that’s a story for another blog.

But one thing I’ve always done is be everybody’s fluffer. I’ve done everything from writing their scripts before video shoots to showing up at photo shoots to talk to them about their kids or wives or the hookers whose stomachs they used as tables to do blow … whatever. Anything to get the smile, the humor, the fire, the passion, the WHATEVER I needed from them at the time.

Today one of my boys showed up for a video shoot. So I did the fluffer routine, once again customized for my audience.

“So, how about ol’ Eric Cantor losing his seat, eh?”

Aaaand, scene. Political Viagra. My boy was all fired up and he gave it his all on-camera.

To everyone who needed this shoot to go well, you’re welcome.

One of my boys who overheard this miracle take place said, “There is really NOTHING random about you, is there? You know EXACTLY what you’re doing at all times.”

You’re damn right, Buttercup. Now if only everyone else appreciated it that much!

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