‘Find your fire again’


Went to meditation last night at a place that pumps salt through the air. My skin was perfectly flawless and my sinuses were clear … till I got home and my body went to hell like usual from the “construction” fumes. (By construction, I mean “one guy and a bag of concrete to repair a neglected 100-unit building by the sea.” Hah.)

My teacher always asks us to set an intention at the start of the session and then to revisit it before we close.

Last time I asked for peace. This time I asked for joy.

And maybe it was the salt haze but I had a very interesting discussion with my Higher Self about that joy.

As a nice finishing touch to each session, my teacher drops an Earth Oracle card at our feet before we “awaken.” This time mine was Fire.

Which, whoa.

I always struggle with my career. I mean, struggle to the point of “I don’t want to work anymore” struggle. Like, find a way to make baskets on the beach with palm leaves rather than put on another pair of pantyhose and have another rambling meeting ever again. I am so burned out on everything that I don’t want to do anything. Ever. Again. Anymore. Ever. Never. Ever. Never.

The irony here was that my Higher Self told me to shut up already and find whatever sparks some passion in me again. And that if I’m not going to find it in an office, go get a side job in something that makes me use my brain again.

Find your fire again, my Higher Self said. No one else will give you back your joy.

So to awaken with the Fire / Passion Earth Magic Oracle card at my feet, well, whoa.

Awaken, indeed.

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