Doin’ the hump (day)

Not only is Twitter failing me today, but then my Web site was down for a couple of hours. I need to EMOTE here, people!

I started being able to eat solid foods again yesterday — eight days after the food poisoning started. But now it comes to mind that this is more of some sort of bacterial problem. (Picking up strange bacteria? In Las Vegas? I’m sure that’s NEVER happened to ANYONE!) Which, yay, just what I needed. I still feel like ass but I’m too busy lazy to call my doctor. I hate going there.

In good news, however, I just found out that an advertisement I wrote on Monday pulled in $5,000 overnight. Go, me! Apparently it was the headline that pulled them in, ’cause I’ve used the same tired copy a few times before but the title was fresh! fun! exciting! and all that jazz. Now another marketer said she was going to use my idea in one of her slots. Heh. 😉 It’s all good — the more money we make, the bigger the bonus pool!

Got so much to do before the long holiday weekend — and no strength or wherewithal to do it. Calgon, take me away. …

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