As though yesterday weren’t an emotional adventure enough, and I cried all the way home, all the way to sleep and then till I left for work this morning, I had to hear the name of someone I loathe.

As a Gemini and reasonable human being, I don’t hold grudges. I don’t wish anybody ill or anything like that. (Because, Karma.)

But at the point I’ve held the funeral for our relationship, don’t go all “Pet Sematary” on me and rise from the damn dead, OK?

My boss drags a name out of the dirt and asks me about the person. And I was restrained, as much as I could be.

She apparently reached out to him for help. And given that we were ex-BFFs, he wondered why she didn’t call me.

“Because I would have hung up on her,” was my reply.

Better than, “Tell the bitch she still owes me three grand. And give me back my black T-Shirt.”

Thank you, Ben Folds.

Anyway, I’m buried in a work-a-lanche and he’s got time to help her? If I didn’t shut my trap right then and there, there would have been a colorful assortment of comments. I assure you.

The crying jag seems to have passed. Now I’m just good and mad.

That, and what I was worried about losing, may not be totally lost. But that’s a story for another day, I hope. God, I hope.

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