Having a job is lovely. And it seems like a wonderful place. Yay Goddess. It’s like the southern campus of Ye Olde Employment Establishment from D.C. — thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. (I can’t say it enough!)

I would have had my “up North” interview today. I’m glad I didn’t go. Maybe I took the path of least resistance, but I also could have NOT gotten the job after the trip, nor had this one, for that matter. So, I win.

Today I had to deal with a sorta-not-really friend-type on Facebook. So I made a stupid comment about that dumb fuck Michelle Bachmann. So he thought it was “ugly” and that “I should be ashamed of myself.”

Um, fuck him.

I deleted his comment, since I really don’t give a fuck about what he thinks. So he left another comment reminding me of what he said and commanding me to either defend my comment or delete the original post.

So I deleted HIM.

Who the hell has time to go follow up on people’s pages to see what they did with your comments? Dude, I have a JOB again. Perhaps I can recommend other people getting one and not poking the penguin?

Seriously, nobody tells me to be ashamed of myself. That puts you right on the “dead to me” list right next to the person who told me that work I did (for which I haven’t been paid, BTW) was “sloppy copy.”

I do enough to beat myself up, thanks. I don’t need to hear unsolicited opinions, especially when they REITERATE them in hopes of — what? — provoking a fight? Not worth it. Another body on the pile. Zee end.

I recall a friend who got mad at me a few years ago for referring to certain Republicans as “Repugs.” Which I thought was clever. But at least my friend said, hey look, you’re smarter than an insult. You can defend your position without resorting to name-calling. Don’t stoop to their level.

I love him for that.

So who is today’s yin-yang to egg me on? Fuck him. Really. Hope he doesn’t tell his kids he’s ashamed of them. (Another damn Repug … er, yeah, fuck it. Repug.)

Anyway, job. Yay job. I still have some freelance on the side. I stay up late, wake up super-early, do the long-ass commute both ways and actually achieve some tasks while I’m out there. I rule!

I don’t know how much longer I can sustain this schedule, though. I guess some people come home and spend time with their kids or whatever. I spend it trying to make up for the jobs that are apparently never going to pay me.

I’ve lost a lot of friends in the past few weeks. More like, they lost ME. None of them will ever get it. It’s not the insults or the money or the lack thereof. It’s the lies. That’s why I’ve deleted some other folks from my circle, not for reasons THEY seem to believe. Of course, not that I feel like explaining that, either. …

And that’s why I have no patience for anyone or anything. If you’re gonna waste my time, just leave. Here, I’ll show you the door. Wait, let me get my shitkickers on first…

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