Decisions, decisions

Today’s horoscope:

It’s a great night for a party — your social energy is all charged up and you can match wits with the smartest hotties in town if you feel like it. Things keep getting better for you.

I have two. One out in BFE that is a New Orleans-themed Halloween party, complete with a psychic. (I seriously need to have my cards read right now. Seriously.) One is local and has a handful of people on the guest list who have recently entered my very small circle of people I would choose to hang with.

Both start at the same time. Bah.

It occurs to me that I RSVP’d to the first party with a plus-one. Which is now a minus-one. Which is fine — no crying blah blah spilled milk etc. etc. Which is why I need a moment with the psychic, to give me a little bit of hope in that department. I also want to know that my grandfather will hang in there for awhile longer till I get to see him and also so that I can have a little more time to catch up financially before having to move my mom to my little one-bedroom down here.

(I’ve come to terms with inheriting Mom. It’s been a theme in my family, to take care of your parents. I just wish I would have had more of a life, given that I ran away to have one. But hell, I’m never home anyway. She can help me with cleaning up cat shit pyramids left in inappropriate places while I’m gone!)

But to make that drive to the first party alone? I hate driving at night and certainly not in unfamiliar territory. But there, I know I’m among old friends and that I don’t have to worry about posting entries/pics to which the “censors” could object. But here, I’m among new friends and taking an opportunity to network.

I’m aspiring to try to hit both soirees, although I gots work to do — another empty-apartment day for the furchildren, although Maddie will take a shit right behind my desk chair without me seeing her — what a lovely surprise that smell is. *barf* (Damn the world for not stopping and waiting for me to catch up.) We’ll see if I even feel like going out at all, ’cause I gots some fine California chocolates and a lovely bottle of Port that are calling to me already!

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