We had the quarterly company-wide Meeting of Deception, as I like to call it. The one where they allude to X under ideal circumstances and then ideal circumstances DON’T happen, and you kick yourself for having a ray of hope about X.

Usually it’s about bonuses or other stuff that you learn to steel your spine and prepare for the inevitable, “Remember we said IF?”

Well, yesterday brought a pleasant surprise that, yes, there will be a couple extra bucks left over. So, hooray! Deception averted.

But now there’s the “moving offices” thing they’ve been talking about for years. Last meeting, we heard “by June, we will move away from the cows and chickens and alligators and pigs and bring you closer to civilization since EVERYBODY HAS AN HOUR-LONG COMMUTE NOW.”

Now June has morphed into “October.”

My lease is up next month. I haven’t given notice yet. I’ve been looking at apartments about 15 miles south of here. And it’s one thing to commute for 45 miles each way for two months. It’s another to do it for the rest of the year.

Ergo, I’m going to stick with my 30 and the broken-down building … where the maintenance man not only steals my packages, but he’s now stealing air conditioners and refrigerators and selling THOSE off the back of his taco truck.

I guess deception may not be the right word. But I don’t know a better word for the audible crack in one’s heart as another “thing” doesn’t work out the way you dared to hope it might.

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