Dear weekend, get here. Love, Goddess

In my head, I swear I went to pick up breakfast today. But as I was sitting at my desk, I got mad and wanted to call the restaurant for forgetting to give me my order. Then I realized that they can’t GIVE it to me if I only MENTALLY bought it. Kee-rist — where is my MIND today?!?!

That same mind accidentally put 2008 on the top of a very time-sensitive document today. I’m just waiting for the complaints to roll in, ’cause they always do. Speaking of complaints rolling in, a customer returned an item to us this week, and I got the accompanying letter today. Why did she return a non-returnable item? I quote, “It’s not (something) that I can SPEAK to on the phone.”


For the cost of the item, I’d be willing to give her two hours on the phone. But, alas, I fear that even THAT amount of money isn’t enough to put up with such a challenging individual. She’s called six times already to ask where her refund is (um, she returned it YESTERDAY) — thank GOD she doesn’t have my direct line!

In other news, I mentioned to someone that my dental assistant injured me yesterday, but I guess it sounded like I’d said “entered.” Which, ponder THAT for a minute. Gives a whole new purpose to “dental dams,” doesn’t it now? 😉

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