Kadie is crooning again. I’m guessing she is probably sick. This is about the time in Maddie’s life that she got sick and I wasn’t paying attention. And it’s another situation where I can’t justify a cat having healthcare when mom doesn’t. 

In any event, mom spotted activity on Whorothy’s wall and figured my nerves were already shot so I should see it. The boy I used to think was so great visited her and she had to brag about it. 

Such a loser. Both of them. 

My rage is probably irrational especially after all this time. But hey. If he wants to slime around with a homely married whore, be my fucking guest. 

It just pisses me off that the number this did on me made me vulnerable. So much so that I did some pretty dumb things in reaction to it all. Poor, poor choices … Ones I would never have made in the right frame of mind. 

But hey. If he’s dumb enough to settle for crumbs for the rest of his life, doesn’t mean I have to do the same. 

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