Cramer cracks (me) up

You know, I sit and watch CNBC all day, but lately I’ve had the channel on mute because it’s too ugly out there to actually want to watch what’s happening. So, apparently Jim Cramer, host of “Mad Money,” completely freaked out recently. And I? Had the TV muted so I could listen to music.

(If you knew how thin the walls are in my office, you’d understand — I have to have earbuds in so I can get a little peace and quiet.)

Anyway, my colleague mentioned Cramer’s meltdown over the credit crunch, and hoo boy, that’s no doubt going to show up on “The Soup.” And while I’d never buy any of the stocks he recommends (if I even could) because too many people are watching his show and driving up the premiums, I admit that his 14-karat flipout made me really like him. What can I say — I’m a sucker for a passionate guy!

Although … the real reason this video is a hot topic of conversation? That goddamned giraffe outfit on the chick. Seriously. That’s more painful to watch than the heart attack Cramer is about to have over his friends losing their jobs at the big financial firms!

One Lonely Response to Cramer cracks (me) up

  1. Extraordinary Girl :

    Wow, guy nutted UP, there. I like and admire his passion though.

    That outfit, though.

    There’re no words to excuse something like that. I think a large majority of Cramer’s anger was probably channeled unknowingly from the angry ghost of the dead giraffe who wanted its pelt back.