Constructive bitching

When bad things happen, you know inherently that there’s a lesson in them. But sometimes you don’t learn that lesson for a long, long time.

I’m used to employees grousing. I don’t hear it as much in my current life. But in some previous lives, you’d think people were being held against their will. I may or may not have been guilty of contributing to it. But I was also smart/lucky enough to move on, in many ways.

As a McManager, you have to learn the difference between regular grumbling and threats to the company. I detected a threat to the company earlier this year and sounded the whistle. And I was right.

Knowing myself, I feel particularly passionate when I’m super-invested in the situation. So I tend to have a higher appreciation for what I call “constructive bitching.”

I can’t say much more because, lawyers. But it gets me to thinking how annoying it is that people can make their thoughts/problems more important than yours, and it can impact/ruin your day/existence. Just like some people get all the perks when meanwhile you’ve been screaming “Pick me!” in your head and no one ever appears to be listening.

And at the risk of grousing (and lawyers), that’s enough for now.

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