Chili Rip- Cook-off

Went to the Rockville Chili Rip-off — er, Cook-off yesterday. Blah. It wasn’t anything special. It’s simple to navigate — go buy the Texas and Cincinnati chili from Hard Times Cafe and then leave. Period. A Frito pie and a chili dog are enough to make the adventure worth it.

Other vendors are supposed to give you free samples, but nobody had any food ready. It’s a six-hour festival, people. Figure it out. One woman actually was smart enough to put up a sign, “Not Ready Yet,” but a bunch of us stood in line for one place, then the next place, then the next place, for nothing.

But it was no loss — I did get a sample of “Blame the Dog” chili, and I blame the bad taste on them cooking up dog meat! After that, I was ready to go home. (Well, I went to the beach, but metaphorically home.)

The only real saving grace was the fact that it was also a music festival, and I was introduced to the lovely Sarah Buxton. Her band members were hot, so there was something for everyone to look at, up on that stage. I was looking for a good place to get rid of that last couple of dollars’ worth of iPhone credit — methinks a handful of MP3s will be the only thing I can digest from the 20 minutes I spent in Rockville yesterday. …

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