French Pedi, originally uploaded by dcwriterdawn.

I stopped for a French pedicure on Friday night, which was divine. I watched last season’s finale of “Desperate Housewives” as I got my calves massaged and my claws sharpened. I had to have mah talons lookin’ fine for my first/last stroll in the sand for the season.

Yesterday was spent in Chesapeake Beach, although I preferred North Beach for the frolicking part, as the Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa seemed to lay claim to the only patch o’ beach for its guests. Pfft. North Beach was nicer, anyway.

There was a wedding taking place at Chesapeake Beach, and we ran into the groom on the boardwalk — he was smoking a cigarette and looking like he was being led to the electric chair. Mom had come down to visit, so I took her there to go to the beach and to have dinner at the Rod ‘n Reel (excellent food, shitty service. The server named Erin? Useless. I hated leaving a tip, when the people at the next table had the most-attentive server in the world). But the crab imperial? To die for. Anyway, Mom saw the groom before the nuptials and said, “You look handsome.” And the groom? Would not stop staring in my eyes as we walked past him. I wouldn’t have minded getting married on the beach. 😉

I saw the bride. While she was tanned and blonde and looks like she hasn’t eaten anything since 1989, I had a way better disposition. Oh well. Good luck to him. I saw them after the wedding at the restaurant, as they’d rented out the Chesapeake Room, and boy was she snapping at everyone in the bridal party. *shudder* Welcome to married life, buddy. Hope you didn’t lose your hard-on for your wedding night.

Anyway, I saw their cake, and it was adorable. White, of course, topped with two tiny Adirondack chairs and covered in chocolate seashells and sea horses, and accented with tiny expanses of white-picket fences.

Speaking of men, there was a very nice and good-looking guy on the beach who offered up his bed for the night so I wouldn’t have to drive back to D.C. in the dark. I don’t think he meant it in the way that he would sleep on the couch. 😉 His name was Egan. He suggested eating at Neptune’s, and I would bet my money on him going there to see whether we actually showed up.

Anyway, this is the end of my vacation week, and at least now it feels like I did something “vacation-y” by heading to the Chesapeake Bay. It was lovely to be without cell phone coverage — I only used the iPhone for its camera.

The visit was strange. There were so many signs there — lots of familiarity, like I was meant to be there. I would kill for a condo on the water. Not to live there full-time, mind you. I’m a city girl at heart and would die without having Tar-zhay within walking distance. But to just stare at the water and feel inspired and refreshed all the time? Is one of many goals on my list to experience more frequently.

Till then, I have some happy feet, indeed!

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