Can’t win. Why try?

I might have done a bad thing today.

Because of someone delaying something at work for six months, it contributed to me losing my vacation.

So today I was in HR because my bonus got screwed up (they gave me too much and I had to write them a check. Even though I said, hey, can we consider it payment for that vacation I never got? *cue the Vinny Barbarino “Hah. Hah. Hah. Hah. Hah.”) and I mentioned that, oh yeah, one of your buddies was a big reason for why my first vacay day of 2013 was DECEMBER TWENTY-SEVENTH.

I was wondering if she might say something to said person. It wasn’t a formal complaint but I wasn’t screwing around, either. Of course, their friendship may be why she is good to me. *Shrug*

Can’t win. Why try?

I had made a joke about the overpaid bonus. I said, “What, are you going to give it to (Boss’ favorite whom I’m convinced gets more money, a better title and a bigger bonus than me)?”

She said no.

So later Boss’ favorite (who I really like too. I see why.) comes over and says, hey, her bonus was underpaid … by the exact amount mine was overpaid.

Fucking psychic vibes. Seriously. I should have just written her the damn check and not the company.

Remember, I know nothing and I’m just trying out my intuition here. I will never know and I don’t want to know. I am just grateful I got *Something* and I would pretty much just die if the perceived inequality were proven actual.

That’s OK. HR encouraged me to stop it with the working nights, weekends and holidays. And I am totally following that advice. I even went out tonight! I have gone out once a week for the past four weeks!

Anyway, I am grateful that I had a good year in 2013. Damn near killed me, but I have a couple bucks to spend at IKEA … or more likely, to spend on healthcare for mom.

My psychic friend said she saw me taking a trip in the first half of this year. She said it was going to become somewhat of a spiritual retreat for me, and I would come back transformed.

The good news is, she said I wouldn’t have to travel far if I didn’t want to. Hmm. IKEA?

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