Calgon, Prince Charming, whatever — take me away!

Today’s Horoscope — Gemini

A new love or friendship could come your way, Goddess, from a distant state or foreign country, perhaps through a common interest in astrology, science, or modern technology.

Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Oh, wait, it IS an iPhone. LOL

Inspiring information about one of your interests could set you off on a new course of study and bring new people into your life.

My mom is starting to get worried because every time I go out and she asks me if I met any good men, I always tell her about some fabulous woman that was at the party or social gathering. There are apparently no interesting men left in the world, and fewer of them are being born so I may just go gay for the sake of convenience.

And what’s up with fewer boys being born? If the old wives’ tale holds true that you have to be on your back to conceive a boy, that just means we’ve all been enjoying riding the horsey too much. C’mon ladies, it’s fun to lie on your back — now you can surf the Internet while he’s playing whack-a-mole!

This is the sort of day when wonderful things happen and doors open for you — though unless you make the most of them, the opportunities could pass.

I can’t wait for the doors to open. Hopefully they’ll open OUT and not bash me in the head as I’m leaning against them. 😉

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