I haven’t had two minutes to pick my underwear out of my butt, let alone think about blogging. (How’s that for a classy opening line? Charles Dickens is rolling over in his grave.)

But I realize, all my humor comes from work since I’m there a good 70 hours a week.

I’m sort of annoyed right now because I filled up my morning and now I’ve got this huge expanse of time before my three night products roll in. And SURE, I have plenty to do to fill that time. But I’m also aware that I don’t have the energy to do the “thinking” tasks that come up in the wee hours, and I’m not one to waste my brainpower on stuff that isn’t advancing my career in the interim!

Life’s just been a series of moments, not many of which are worth a mention, although some are:

  • I guess I forgot that the iPhone is a U.S. exclusive. A counterpart of mine from London ran into one of my colleagues and used his iPhone to call me. (On mine, to boot.) He was so excited, he had someone take a photo of him talking on the sleek little wonder. Heh. Cute.
  • I had a laughing fit over someone saying the phrase, “It’s as useful as a Nerf vibrator.” *hahahahahaaaa* I asked how you’d go about cleaning one of those — with Febreze?
  • I was having an intense round of e-mail discussions with people about something I needed from them DAILY to help me with my DAILY task. And then someone asked me, “How frequently do you publish the Daily Blah Blah Thing?” I ventured, “Annually.”
  • I was watching “Age of Love” (at work. *cough*) and realized that the network I’m watching it on? Its call letters are WHAG. Ah, irony, she is a cruel mistress.
  • OH! Talk about me being fucking fried. I was trying to get someone on IM yesterday for an emergency request, which he didn’t exactly acknowledge. And I wasn’t exactly surprised. So when someone else IMed to ask what the first one had said, I replied, “Oh, he’s ignoring me AS USUAL.” But I sent it to the one I was TALKING ABOUT instead! *headslam*
  • Of the 17 notes I’ve gotten through my dating service, no more than TWO of these guys live within a 150-mile radius. Seriously? I mean, kudos for celebrating the wondrous beauty over here, but GAWD, unless you’re moving to D.C. in the coming weeks, I’ll pass.
  • Linklove: “21 Things I Learned About Being a Guy From The Simpsons”
  • More linklove: “Stop Being So Nice to Your Co-workers” — I sent this to all the girls at work because it’s true of all of us. We cave and do things ourselves when people insist on being ass-pains. The nice ones DO finish last … and usually, it’s after midnight!

What a fucking WEEK!!!! And that isn’t even the BEGINNING of what I’m not saying!

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