Behold, perfection

Mmm, Primanti’s, originally uploaded by dcwriterdawn.

For lack of an intelligent blog entry (I know, shocker), tonight I want to share the joy that is a pastrami sammich from Primanti’s.

Out-of-towners don’t understand why we call the restaurant “Permanees” — it’s because when you’ve got a hunk o’ meat, smothered with fries, cheese, tomato and cole slaw in your mouth, you can’t talk right!

It’s funny — I was at my favorite little deli on M Street the other weekend, debating which sammich to get (hot pastrami, duh — why do I even read the menu?) when the woman in front of me was ordering the same sammich I wanted.

But … she was horrified at the thought of cole slaw being on it. HORRIFIED! Piss, moan, wah wah waaaahh. GAWD.

Now you know me — I can’t shut my trap to save my life. I mused aloud that she must never have traveled above the Mason-Dixon Line in her life, because I personally thought the sammich was missing something — where were the FRIES?!?!

I guess she was classy or something (or can afford to have someone feed her — I know I’m out of my league in this ‘hood) because she said, “Well, I’d NEVER.”

That’s the thing, people. Unless you put fries on it, it ain’t a salad. And if you don’t put fries and slaw on it, it ain’t a sammich. Anything else is a plain ‘ol sandwich, and who the hell wants anything normal, boring and average?

7 Responses to Behold, perfection

  1. Old Freind :

    YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!! I am a classic steak and cheese man myself! No-one outside of the Burgh understand how heavenly one of these sammiches is! I would crawl naked through a tunnel of broken glass then swim in a vat of alcohol to get to one of these gifts from the gawds and gawddesses! If ever there was ANYTHING better than sex, there it is, sitting on the wax paper with an Ice Cold Rolling Rock beer on the side to wash it down!

    I must go drool now……….my keyboard is getting wet…..DOH!!!!!

  2. Tiff :

    So just before I flipped to your blog this morning, my coworker did the morning breakfast run. I was hungry, and all looking forward to my everything bagel with onion cream cheese (mmm stinky breakfast). But then I loaded your page and saw this picture.

    I was very disappointed with my bagel. You ruined my breakfast, and now this is all I want in the whole, wide world. *sigh*

  3. Lachlan :

    Way to go, Dream-Smasher Dawn. 🙂 Ruining Tiff’s morning? So mean of you!

  4. nic :

    Wow, fries on a sandwich.
    I’ve never had any burning desire to go to Pittsburgh, but now I feel I must, to check this out.

  5. Victor :

    Now you know me — I can’t shut my trap to save my life.
    Nonsense! I’ve heard you be silent many times! I think you were taking a breath, but still.

  6. The Goddess :

    Sorry I made y’all drool. I was just trying to spread good cheer. LOL

    Victor? You know me FAR too well!

    Nic, go to the city, not the suburban, locations. The core menu is the same but really, all you need is the sammich menu and a little ambience.

  7. Tiff :

    I think the coleslaw is different at the suburban locations. My sammich never tastes as good at the sports-bar-ified places.